Infosec Contest

Break _ The _ Sec

An Information Security problem solving contest


Problem solving , the best way to utilize knowledge and flourish productivity . Programming contests , problem solving has been going on for a long time . Hacking was always considered as a crime and hackers were considered criminals , but the most genius minds were brewed among of hackes , hackers are not criminals they are artistes making art into the open canvas of Internet , With this perspective and viewpoint Cybertrendz Inc has brought Break_The_Sec. An Information Security problem solving contest,

Contest Rules

These are the following contest rules to be followed for individual participents


1. Every Participant must be registered before participating the contest.
2. You have to fill the Registration Form and pay the fee ( 200 Taka /2.5$ )
3. After payment confirmation a confirmation mail will be sent to you.
4. You will be given an unique ID .


1. There are Nine levels for the contest .
2. Contest will be going on through 1 week.
3. After solving every problem you have to email with the Standard Vulnerability Report Format
4. You have to include your unique ID given in Email in the heading along with Problem Number.
5. participants can join even during the contest in 1st 4 days.
6. After the contest ends solutions will be posted .


1. We will arrange an event for distributing prizes.
2. First three contestants solving most number of accurate problems will be rewarded
3. Other contestants will honored for participation with general prizes
4. Distribution of the reward program will be conducted by Cybertrendz Inc

For any other query please mail at [email protected]