Live Online Classes

Live Online sessions by CyberTrendz Inc

We understand the demand of IT professionals and professionals working on relevant background , Even If u are a software developer , programmar or System Administrator in the current scenerio of the internet based communication security measures and countermeasures has to be well known and understood. we will be discussing various things about network security and web application testing methods. Our Live Online Classes started Last year and response we received was phenomenal so we Decided to start a live online session about Kali Linux too.So now we have Two Live Online Programs..

Regular Live Online Session

- Hacking Into an E Commerece site with a Exploit
- Hiding keylogger File Inside Image
- SQL Injection Mod_Security Bypass Tutorial
- Setting up a spyware program and sending it to someone
- Creating Manual Symbolic Link
- Working with network scanner NMAP
- Information Gathering with FOCA
- XSS Tutorial with Xenotix XSS exploit Framework
- Exploiting web with basic tools
- Manual Web Exploitation with Acunetix
- Social Engineering Enumeration With Private tools
- Exploiting wordpress local exploit


Approximately 1 Month

This pack Includes our Outlaws Claw DvD pack . you will get it after you join in.

Session Fee

76.47$ (USD) / 6000 Bangladeshi Taka

Kali Linux Live Online Session

- Introduction to Metasploit Framework and Exploits .
- Backdoor creation ideology and Exploits
- Conducting Browser Autopwn Attack with SET using Metasploit.
- Exploiting and enumeration of website eith SQL Map.and JSQL
- Browser exploitation with Beef.
- Penetration Testing with BurpSuite.
- Footprinting and data logistics with Dmitry.
- Conducting physical enumeration with Cutycapt.
- Network penetration testing and enumeration with Nmap and Zenmap
- Performing Cross Site Scripting with XSSER .
- Open Source data enumeration with The Harvester .
- Enterprise Server analysis with Sparta .
- Exploiting Wordpress website with WpScan .
- Enumerating DNS with DNSEnum.
- Physical Scan of DNS with Fierce Domain Scanner and DnsTracer


Approximately 1.5 Month

This pack Includes our Shadow Daemon DvD pack . you will get it after you Join in.

Session Fee

82.84$ (USD) / 6500 Bangladeshi Taka